Does NMN supplements have any side effects?

Till now, no major side effects of nicotinamide mononucleotide have been observed in humans. The experimenters have mainly performed these studies of NMN on the rodents. And mostly the results were in favour and showed favourable effects on the metabolism, liver, skin, muscles, bones, brain mechanism, heart function, immunity, reproduction and the life span. The study on the mice has not shown any severe side effects and poisonous effects on them. And none of them died during the examination period of 12 months.

NMN powder

The consumption of the NMN powder at has not shown any adverse effect on the human body. During all the doses of the NMN which are as follows, 100,250, and 500mg. There was no side effect observed after every single dose of the NMN. There were no changes in the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, or blood oxygen level. There were also many laboratory tests of the blood conducted and no changes were observed. The person’s sleep quantity was also measured before and after the consumption of the NMN supplements. There was no difference in the quantity of the sleep both times.

Now there are still several tests conducted to see whether the dose above 500 may have any side effect on the human body or not. Also, if the NMN supplements are used for so long then it may affect your health adversely or not.

Safety trials of NMN

The global research team had proceeded with the first human clinical study for NMN in Japan, to check the safety of the molecules. The duration of the test was small and it was conducted to show that the dosage of the NMN supplements up to 500mg that is taken orally are safe for the humans. The results of this research were mentioned in the Journal Endocrine, of November 2019.

Also, in the various clinical trials of the FDA, NMN is considered a safe supplement for humans. There are no complaints registered by the people related to the side effects of the NMN supplements. Now, they will research how safe the dosage above 500mg is for humans. Also if it is consumed for so long then will it cause any health problems to the people or not. Soon it will be announced safe to be consumed above 500 mg.


In this article, you will read about whether the NMN supplements have any side effects or not. Till now, there are no reported side effects of the NMN supplements. According to the research, the dosage up to 500 mg is completely safe for humans. If you want to know more, you can view this site.