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In the dawn of the Computer Age into the arrival of the World Wide Web, Technology and business have evolved with unprecedented rate. Technological advances have produced competitive benefits. However, competitive advantage is no longer attained or maintained solely by technological innovation.

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With the rapid ability of product developers to make new products, the only staying competitive edge in business to capitalize upon is not technology, but individuals. To put it simply, those companies attracting and keeping the best people and taking advantage of their individual resources will flourish. People who do not, would not.

As an increasingly competitive world Forces Company to change, adapt and respond more rapidly, companies are reconsidering the very essence of how they conduct business. These demands create new expectations of how people contribute to associations. Individuals must have more knowledge, play new roles and function to higher standards of performance.

The New Role of Human Resource Management

Since the emphasis now is on individuals and what they can contribute¬†manifesting generator into the Business, it is only natural that the Human Resource HR function would one day re-examine how it supports a company’s business strategy. That time is now. Once merely thought of as the organizational authorities, the company store, the Human Resource function is now turning into a true strategic business partner in progressive businesses.

Some state HR’s mission is to add value. Irrespective of its Characterization, the new HR role is to create a company more successful. Exactly like the order of moves in a symphony score, a company and its objectives must first be known. The HR function, long associated with understanding and working with a provider’s human element, is ideal to employ and incorporate its own organizational understanding with the strategic business plan for greatest effects.

The new HR function is now able to add to the achievement of the company in ways that were not possible previously. In actuality, the new HR function is so different; it deserves a new name -Human Systems Management.

Human Systems Management

Human Systems signifies any organizational system where the function, Impact, and response of the individual element are of crucial importance. Human Systems Management encompasses a lot of what Human Resource Management is now, and more. In it, the HR function is re-creating, redefining, and basically retuning for the Post-Modern and Information Ages. The system might be exclusively human the practice of team building or sociotechnical with the interaction of people and technology. It might involve the redesign of work or the design of new pay systems to improve employee satisfaction and organizational performance.

The key element is, and always will be, the individual component. The desired Outcome is twofold: enhanced individual in addition to organizational performance. At its heart, however, is business plan.